National Innovation Internship

The Innovation Internship provides intern and host with a new perspective on own working methods


The first national innovation internship was organized by COI in September of 2015 and the third will take place in September 2017. Knowing that innovation is best spread through the personal meeting the national innovation internship works as an infrastructure for organizing these personal meetings. In 2015 nearly 100 employees across all levels of government have participated in internships lasting 2-5 days with the aim of intensive learning of how other public workplaces go about solving their tasks.

Aside from the matchmaking COI’s focus has been on creating the best circumstances for the actual spreading of innovation by organizing preparatory and follow-up workshops in order to enhance the likelihood of actually changed behaviour and for innovative solutions to find new breeding grounds.

The national innovation internship is evaluated by KORA (the Danish Institute for Local and Regional Government Research). In 2016 a digital matchmaking tool was introduced easing the matchmaking process and establishing a solid foundation for further scaling of the concept without increasing the internal resources assigned to the activity. The 2016 internship is in the process of being evaluated with results expected in the spring of 2017. The results will be used in the further development and fine-tuning of the 2017 internship-concept. 

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