Strategic framework

The agendas of public sector innovation change rapidly, as do the needs of public sector organizations. Therefore, COI works with a dynamic strategic framework that allows for adjustments.

The different roles and working methods unite and contribute to achieving the purpose of increased quality and efficiency in the public sector through innovation.

The first column of the strategic framework shows the different roles COI will fulfil in order to contribute to the desired changes, as seen in the last column. The circles in the middle show the elements that characterize the way COI Works.

The illustration should not be read hierarchically or linearly, but as a dynamic framework. COI will often combine relevant roles and working methods to achieve the desired changes.

Strategic framework

Roles and working methods

All three roles aim at strengthening the current value of innovation work in the public sector as well as enhancing the long-term yield across the public sector. The interaction with the actors at the individual workplaces determines COI's specific role and working methods.

Dialogue- and leverage partner

COI seeks to leverage public sector innovation to further increase the quality and efficiency resulting from the overall innovation efforts. COI will enter into dialogue and collaboration with decision makers in the state, regions and municipalities in order to support the adjusting of structural frameworks, incentives, culture, competences and demands so that they to a higher degree enable public sector innovation work.

Capacity builder

COI will build capacity at public sector workplaces through close cooperation with key players in and outside the public sector. Examples of possible players are public sector innovation units, educational institutions and foundations. COI works with capacity building through communication, collaboration and in training situations, where COI uses its knowledge on and tools for anchoring, evaluating and spreading innovation. COI’s knowledge and tools also come in to play when COI supports educational institutions or other innovation actors in teaching public sector innovation skills and competencies.

Knowledge partner

COI collects, creates, communicates and debates knowledge about public sector innovation, so that decision makers, opinion makers and innovation practitioners have easy access to new and relevant knowledge about public sector innovation in Denmark and internationally. This happens in different ways: Through the Innovation Barometer, by spotting national and international trends, and in concrete collaboration projects and interaction with innovation units, knowledge institutions, voluntary and professional organizations. COI cooperates with the OECD and the Nordic countries towards this purpose as well.


COI has three ambitions for the changes that are needed to increase the quality and efficiency of the public sector through innovation: System changes, behavioral changes and knowledge acquired and used.

System changes

COI will contribute to:

  • innovative ways of working being included in the development and implementation of major initiatives,
  • the actions of reusing and sharing innovative solutions being adopted in national, regional and municipal development strategies,
  • decision makers demanding that new solutions are systematically tested on a smaller scale before full scale implementation,
  • decision makers encouraging cross-sectoral innovation collaborations between state, regional and municipal workplaces,
  • decision makers demanding that innovation must be done in cooperation with other public workplaces and with citizens, knowledge institutions and private businesses,
  • innovation skills being included in HR strategies and curricula relevant education and training programs.

Behavioral change

COI will contribute to:

  • concrete training and collaboration projects which result in innovation work of a higher quality,
  • it is common practice in the workplaces to use tools for evaluation of innovative actions and spreading of innovative solutions,
  • valuable solutions and experiences actively being spread from one place in it public sector to other places.

Knowledge acquired and used

COI will contribute to:

  • Danish and foreign actors using and debating knowledge that COI has created and communicated,
  • public sector innovation being a topic that has national awareness and is actively debated.

COI’s strategic framework: Follow up

COI works with the framework in a way that enables continuous follow up. As part of this work COI's activities are evaluated with relevant tools. The continuous follow up procedure enables COI to make adjustments along the way in collaboration with COI's steering Group.