Pia Gjellerup Pia Gjellerup

Pia Gjellerup




As a municipal politician, a member of the parliament and aminister, and as a political director of DJØF, Pia has worked with the development of the public sector from many angles. She loves sharing knowledge and engaging others in developing the public sector so that employees can perform their best and the citizens receive the best services. She has trouble getting up in the morning, going to bed in the evening and lingering in the meantime. Pia is raised in Copenhagen. Masters of laws from the University of Copenhagen 1985, Attorney 1990.

Majken Præstbro Majken Præstbro

Majken Præstbro

Head of Relations



Majken has worked with innovation, knowledge sharing and digitization for several years in SKAT, (the Danish Customs and Tax Administration), MindLab, a number of public-sector projects, NGOs and the private sector. MA in Communications from the University of Roskilde 2002. MA in Innovation Management from the Danish School of Education / Copenhagen Business School 2012. Majken is responsible for the work on spreading innovation, innovation leadership and she is the practice supervisor for Ditte’s ph.d-work. She has a burning desire to develop the public sector from within and she can play the recorder with her nose.

Ole Bech Lykkebo Ole Bech Lykkebo

Ole Bech Lykkebo

Head of Analysis



Ole has worked with innovation, analysis, project management and communication in municipalities, interest groups and the private sector. He is an enthusiastic supporter of putting together different experience backgrounds and skills to develop new solutions for the benefit of citizens and businesses. Ole has difficulty walking past cakes and old cars. MSc. from the University of Aarhus 2000, Diploma Education in Journalism 2009. Ole is responsible for the Innovation Barometer and also works with the national innovation internship.

Lene Krogh Jeppesen Lene Krogh Jeppesen

Lene Krogh Jeppesen

Senior Consultant



Lene is a sociologist and has a two-year education in systemic and narrative approaches to consulting. She has previously worked with innovation, knowledge sharing and social media in SKAT (the Danish Customs and Tax Administration) and in the City of Copenhagen. Lene believes that curiosity towards - and involvement of multiple perspectives creates a better public sector. Lene is a great yoga enthusiast, which is kept in check by a penchant for high heels and red wine. MSc. (sociologist) from the University of Copenhagen 2004. Lene is responsible for the work on evaluating innovative initiatives and also works with initiatives on spreading innovation.

Lotte Rømer Grove Lotte Rømer Grove

Lotte Rømer Grove

Innovation Consultant



Lotte has worked with networking, involvement and knowledge sharing in the Ministry of Social Affairs, in a private consultancy, as an entrepreneur, and most recently in the Municipality of Holbæk. Here, Lotte has worked on strengthening the conditions for public sector innovation and cooperation across sectors. Lotte takes great pleasure in setting up a good field for others to play in, which may be a sports injury from many years as a semi-professional volleyball player. MSc in public administration from the University of Roskilde in 2003. Lotte works with evaluation, qualification and spreading of public sector innovation.

Niels Jakobsen Niels Jakobsen

Niels Jakobsen

Innovation Consultant



For several years, Niels has worked with cross-sectoral innovation in the City of Copenhagen with specific collaborations across two administrations. He is a MA in Social Studies and Art History from the University of Aarhus. Niels tends to look for a solid foundation in the depths without being able to swim and over the years he has lost the ability to think without drawing at the same time. At COI, Niels is involved in initiatives on spreading innovation and capacity building through collaborative projects with COI's partners.

Julie Munk Julie Munk

Julie Munk

Innovation Consultant



Charlotte Niss Charlotte Niss

Charlotte Niss

Innovation Consultant



Paul Sauer Paul Sauer

Paul Sauer

Communications Manager



Paul has a background as a freelancejournalist and has among other publications written for Jyllands-Posten, Kristeligt Dagblad and Fagbladet 3F. Crazy about finding good stories about public innovation and sharing them with others. Originally from Southern Jutland and has a journalism degree from the University of Southern Denmark. Enthusiastic about communication, football and bad jokes. Paul is the writing force on COI's publications as well as editor of the newsletter. His responsibilities include development of the website, newsletter and other of COI's public profiles.

Marie Munch-Andersen Marie Munch-Andersen

Marie Munch-Andersen




Marie has experience working with analysis, evaluation and public sector development in Copenhagen Municipality and in Esbjerg Municipality. Loves working with statistics and is allergic to poorly done surveys (that is to be considered an industrial injury). Born and raised north of Copenhagen. Marie bakes industrial sized cakes whenever she has an excuse to do so, and has been watching Formula 1 since the days when Ferrari won championships. MSc in sociology from the University of Copenhagen in 2016. At COI, Marie is working with the Innovation Barometer, analysis and evaluation.

Ditte Thøgersen Ditte Thøgersen

Ditte Thøgersen

PhD Fellow



Ditte joined COI on August 1st 2018 to begin a PhD investigating public innovation and value creation. The PhD is co-hosted by Copenhagen Business School. The ambition of the project is to collect data through observational studies and interviews in order to uncover practitioners’ tricks when sharing, copying and implementing innovation in the public sector. Comes from a position as senior advisor in Research and Innovation at the University of Copenhagen. Ditte grew up in a co-housing in the deep woods of Northern Jutland, but had her heath stolen by the city beat of Copenhagen.

Didde Jensen Didde Jensen

Didde Jensen

Student Assistant



Didde is currently taking a masters degree in Business Administration and Communication at Copenhagen Business School. Previously, she has been sharing the good stories about Danish cycling solutions at the Danish Cyclists’ Federation and Cycling Embassy of Denmark. Didde grew up in Central Jutland, and due to the many late nights at Crazy Daisy she has lost the ability to listen to music without dancing. At COI, Didde assists with research- and communication tasks and seizes what is being thrown her way.

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