About COI

COI contributes to the public sector becoming more efficient and delivering services and products of a higher quality through innovation.

COI's medarbejderstab

The National Centre for Public Sector Innovation (COI) is owned* by and works across the Danish public sector. COI has a down to earth approach to fulfilling our purpose and delivering on our activities by:

  • developing and communicating knowledge and tools, that can be used at the individual workplace/public sector institution and by decision makers and researchers/scientists.
  • having a nationwide presence and participating in meetings, workshops and conferences.
  • establishing partnerships and networks with public sector workplaces, private sector companies, citizens, volunteers, scientists
  • establishing and participating in the debate on the framework for public sector innovation.

*) The central government agencies, local municipalities and Local Government Denmark in collaboration with the three umbrella organizations for public sector employees: Organizations of Public Employees (OAO), Confederation of Professionals in Denmark (FTF), and The Danish Confederation of Professional Associations (Akademikerne).